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Sunday, 7 March 2010

The Project

In 2010, the world will celebrate the 40th year of Earth Day. Since 1970, efforts have been less efficient and less effective throughout all the countries in the world, whether the developed- or the developing-ones. Our leaders, along with world´s brightist scientists, economists, researchers, and policymakers, have come together to find ways to solve the ever-increasing threat to Mother Earth. But because of our cultural, political, and economic priorities, they seem to have succumb to the individual needs of our countries and much to the dismay of the individual needs of every citizen in this world. Various media companies, international and local non-government organizations, the private sector, the religious, the academe, artists and even the children are now actively participating in saving this frail planet of ours. We ask ourselves now. As an earthling, what have you done lately to Mother Earth? On Earth Day 2010, we are launching the 1 Million Photographs for Mother Earth.

We call this the I LOVE EARTH project.

A simple photograph of you with the logo to show the whole world that we love earth now more than ever before. We have designed a logo for various international languages. However, we can only do so much. If your language is not included, we have designed a blank logo and please do the translation yourself. Please don´t forget to furnish us a copy of this so we can post it online for others to download later on. Once you have printed the logo (on a recycled paper, of course), please maximize its usability. If you´re done with taking your photographs, please pass it on to others that they may continue what you´ve started.

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